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Worksites can build a healthier workplace, increase productivity and an even better bottom line through workplace wellness initiatives. —The Prevention Institute

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Interested in exploring how a workplace wellness program, or taking your existing wellness program to the next level, can help your business?

Large employers often have more resources to draw from for workplace wellness, from HR staff to physical space to hands-on help from insurers. That's why most now have programs. But are the programs all they could be? Is it a comprehensive approach? Is there room for improvement?

What about small employers? The advantage of knowing your staff and their families makes wellness more personal, but it may be hard to get started. Too often benefits from insurers are left on the table, or small changes that could make a big difference are not identified.

There is help:

Statewide Health Improvement Program

Through the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), in many communities local public health staff can help you with your program. SHIP works with employers to :

  • encourage better nutrition through healthy vending, cafeteria and catering options,
  • encourage physical activity through active commuting, more walking and biking and other physical activity opportunities,
  • encourage tobacco-free policies, as well as health plan coverage of, and onsite support for, tobacco cessation efforts, and
  • support breast feeding for working moms.

For SHIP programs in your area, see the Local SHIP page. For more on how SHIP can help, see the Workplace Wellness fact sheet (PDF:382KB/2 pages)

MDH workplace wellness program

We can help connect you with the resources you need. For more information, contact Susan Bishop, Worksite Wellness Coordinator, at


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