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Essential Service #10 - Research for insights and innovative solutions to health problems

Key = Optimal Activity = Significant Activity = Moderate Activity = Minimal Activity = No Activity

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Indicator 10.1 Planning 52.5%
- The SPH Laboratory System has adequate capacity to plan research and improvement activities
- The SPH Laboratory System collaborates to finance research activities
Indicator 10.2 Implementation, Evaluation and Dissemination 25.7%
- SPH Laboratory System processes draw on diverse perspectives and expertise to stimulate innovative thinking
- The SPH Laboratory System research is evaluated to foster improvement and innovation
- The SPH Laboratory System disseminates research outcomes, best practices, and recognition of research activities

    Next Steps for Action, Essential Service #10:
  1. Raise awareness and communicate research activities and opportunities (high)
  2. Establish assessment process for research across PHL system to gain understanding of what research opportunities exist and identify opportunities for collaboration (high)
  3. Encourage expansion of lab missions to include and designate a percentage of time for research (high)
  4. Establish mechanism to ensure research funding and encourage system partners to collectively advocate for that funding (i.e., seed money allocated by legislature; fee adjustments; other funding paradigms from private sector)
  5. Ensure grant writing competencies across system partners
  6. Foster exploratory discussions among military, education, MDH and other partners within system to identify opportunities for collaboration
  7. Establish a research committee with diverse perspectives and representation (including non MDH reps) (high)
  8. Encourage expansion of lab missions to include and designate a percentage of time for research (high)
  9. Fund the expanded lab mission via seed money, fee adjustments
  10. Develop a clearing house to collect and share information about research opportunities and possibilities for collaboration (high)
  11. Establish a multi-perspective research committee to provide a forum to identify innovations and collaboration opportunities (high)
  12. Collaborate among system partners to advocate for research activity at the legislative level
  13. Improve funding for health in state generally
  14. Develop incentives/ recognition for staff who innovate, research, publish
  15. Increase number of MDH staff as adjunct faculty at U of M

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