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Who is invited

Invitations to participate have been sent to representative partners in the State Public Health Laboratory System (SPHL System) such as: State and local public health service providers, university/academia, hospital-based laboratories, private and independent environmental laboratories, federal and state law enforcement, environmental agencies, MN Pollution Control Agency, MN Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, MN Hospital Association, 55th Civil Support Team, 3M, FBI, laboratory inspectors, MN Hands and Voices, and others as appropriate. Any group of individuals who participate in working with the state Public Health Laboratory to achieve a healthy public may be included.

Meeting specifics

Date: June 15. 2010
Time: 8:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Location: Orville Freeman Building (OLF) room 144/145
Parking: Participants who requested a parking pass when submitting the on-line RSVP should receive a parking pass and map/driving instructions in the mail. Participants who did not register for a parking pass may attempt on-street meter parking or use meters in the orange ramp or parking lot K.
Parking map (PDF: 100 KB/2 pages)
Parking questions: contact Paulette Schlichter at or 651-201-5580.

What to expect

An orientation will be conducted to help everyone understand the background for the assessment. Professional facilitators skilled in public health will conduct the assessment. The day will conclude with a short summary of the findings and the overall scores.

L-SIP Agenda (PDF: 17KB/1 page)

How to prepare

Participants will be instructed to review specific sections of the assessment tool in advance of the assessment meeting. It is suggested that you briefly review the document to get some feel for the kinds of questions that will be asked. Experience in other states has shown that when participants have reviewed the tool in advance, the assessment process is more comfortable and goes more smoothly.

Assessment tool (PDF: 420KB/91 pages)

Next Steps

Participants are strongly encouraged to continue to be engaged in the improvement process of the SPHL System. Improvement committees will be formed based on the findings of the L-SIP assessment and improvement processes initiated.

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