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Greetings and welcome to the Laboratory System Improvement Program (L-SIP). This site is intended to support efforts to assess performance of our state laboratory system and to organize continuous improvement work.

This work is part of the national L-SIP designed to strengthen state laboratory systems around the country. There are several links on this site to the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), the developer of L-SIP. Those links will help you find more detailed information about the program, state public health laboratory systems, and other states involved in the work.

This site will also provide information about our scheduled assessment, results, initial plans, and a calendar of events. As we move into the improvement phase, we will post ongoing plans, committee work, and other information. It will provide us all with a means of collaborating on this important work.

State Public Health Laboratory System (SPHL System): An alliance of laboratories and other partners within a state that supports the ten essential public health services under the aegis of the state public health laboratory. The system members and stakeholders operate in an interconnected and interdependent way to facilitate the exchange of information, optimize laboratory services, and help control and prevent disease and public health threats.

Public Health Reports, May/June 2010, Supplement: This Supplement is dedicated solely to articles regarding Public Health Laboratories and the concept of the State Public Health Laboratory System. It is an incredible resource to assist in the understanding of the depth and breadth of the State Public Health Laboratory System. Supplement includes MN Public Health Laboratory authors.

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