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Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
Laws and Rules for Accreditation

Minnesota laws (Minn. Statutes, 144.97 to 144.99) and regulations (Minn. Rules, Chapter 4740) set the minimum requirements for accreditation and accredited laboratories.

MN Statutes 144.97 Definitions
144.98 Authorization, Rules and Fees
144.99 Health Enforcement Consolidation Act

MN Rules Chapter 4740 Laboratory Accreditation Requirements (PDF: 2.25MB/75 pages)

In addition to accreditation requirements, laboratories must ensure conformance with client requirements (Primarily, state and federal agencies using the data.) MN-ELAP maintains a summary of known state-specific requirements, by testing category.

State-specific Requirements (Minnesota)

If the state requirements webpage does not include answers about a particular topic of interest, you may wish to contact the state agency personnel responsible for reviewing data received from laboratories accredited by MNELAP.

Federal requirements are typically in the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register or other documents published by the U.S. EPA. MN-ELAP maintains links to known federal requirements for federal programs.

Federal Requirements (U.S. EPA,

State and federal agencies sometimes require the laboratory to use specific methods for analysis of samples. MNELAP provides electronic copies of publicly available publications and links to sources copyrighted materials via the program’s webpage.

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