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EPA Documents and Approval Letters

Reference Materials Applicable to the Methods Update Rule:

EPA Approval Letters

This list is not a complete list of all EPA approval letters. Letters will be added periodically.





Use of alternate packed columns and combination of methods 601 and 602
Limited-Use Approval of ATPs letter (PDF: 34KB/1 page)
EPA 601, 602 and 624 SWP 1989
Use of collision cell technology with ICP-MS letter (PDF: 139/2 pages) EPA 200.8 SDWP 2006
COD by spectrophotometry letter (PDF: 33KB/1 page) CAI SB1500 Rev. 1.2 CWP 2006
Determination of Chloride (PDF: 33KB/1 page) Lachat D10-117-1-A CWP 2006
Determination of Cyanide (PDF: 52KB/2 pages) QuikChem 10-204-00-1-A SDWP,CWP 2006
Determination of Fluoride (PDF: 45KB/2 pages) QuikChem 10-109-12-2-A SDWP,CWP 2006
Determine Orthophosphate (PDF: 47KB/2 pages) QuikChem 10-115-01-1-P, Q, T and M SDWP,CWP 2006
Determination Chlorine (PDF: 38KB/2 pages) Orion AC4070 CWP 2006
BOD, CBOD and DO by luminescence of dissolved oxygen (PDF: 23KB/2 pages) Hach 10360 Rev. 1.1 CWP 2007
Cyanide by Colorimetric Method using the Konelab (PDF: 21KB/1 page) EST-DW CN SM4500-E SDWP, CWP 2007
Use of discrete analyzers (PDF: 206KB/8 pages) Various CWP 2007
Use of Hydrogen carrier gas (PDF 26 KB/2pages) Various SDWP 2012
HCI in digest for ICP-MS analysis (PDF: 33KB/2 pages) EPA 6020 RCRA 2013
Flexibility to Modify CWA Methods (PDF: 544KB/ 6 pages) Various CWP 2007

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