Upcoming Events for MNELAP - Environmental Laboratory Accreditation, Minnesota Dept. of Health

Events for MNELAP

Webinar for Private Well Water Testing Laboratories on June 19th
In a Minnesota survey of well owners who were asked who they go to for advice, labs were the 2nd most frequently listed group, after local health departments. However, many labs don’t have staff capable of answering well owner questions about their well. In this webinar, "What Water Testing Labs Need to Know about Private Wells", being held jointly with the Association of Public Health Laboratories, we will provide labs with answers to some of the most common well owner questions. If you are a water testing laboratory or work with water testing laboratories, please share this information.

Flooded Well Water Testing
Owners of homes with private wells are strongly encouraged by the Minnesota Department of Health to test their test their private drinking water supplies if the wells impacted by floodwaters. Laboratories are certified by the Minnesota Department of Health and are approved for testing drinking water for the presence of Total Coliform bacteria and E. coli under the Safe Drinking Water Program. If your drinking water requires testing, please use the customized search features as the tool for homeowners to locate a laboratory in their area. Please contact the laboratory for sample collection and shipping procedures and costs per analysis.

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