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Environmental laboratories conduct analyses of our air, water, soil and other materials. Clients of environmental laboratories include municipalities, consultants, public health officials and commercial entities. Analyses performed by laboratories are often used to determine compliance status with federal, state and local regulations. These analyses have a direct effect upon human health and the environment. Read more about us...

What We're Working On...

A series of workgroups have been established by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program’s Advisory Committee. The workgroups are being led by Advisory Committee members or their designees. Each workgroup, with membership drawn from across many interested parties, has been tasked in defining the purpose of each workgroup and the resulting deliverables. The workgroups were formed around the products identified by the Advisory Committee at the April 2011 meeting, which included the following items:

  • Revised templates and forms found on the MNELAP webpage and review of the laboratory handbook;
  • ELDO revisions and enhancements;
  • Crosswalk for 2009 TNI Standard vs. 2003 NELAC Standard; review existing comparison for usefulness; and
  • Data integrity and ethics training
For more information on the workgroups and the Advisory Committee, please see the following websites for meeting dates, workgroup charters, meeting minutes, and information for how to get involved.
MN-ELAP Advisory Committee

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