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Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Methamphetamine Testing

In order to apply for accreditation for analysis of methamphetamine under the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidance for remediation practices at methamphetamine clandestine labs program, laboratories must download an application from the MDH Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program’s website.
Apply for Accreditation

Methamphetamine and the precursor compounds (pseudoephedrine and ephedrine) are listed under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Program as emerging contaminants.  Laboratories applying under this test category may choose all compounds or a subset of the compounds for one fee.

  • Along with the application and fees, applicant laboratories must submit:
    1. Standard operating procedure meeting the minimum requirements in the checklist (below).
    2. Method detection limit and reporting limit established using the standard operating procedure; and
    3. Quality assurance manual meeting the requirements of MN Rules, subpart 4740.2085.
    4. Provide a copy of the laboratory’s detailed sampling instructions that are given to the client prior to sample collection.  The instructions must comply with the sampling requirements in the Clandestine Drug Lab General Remediation Guidance.
  • Proficiency testing samples per MN Rules 4740.2050, subpart 1.D.5 and 4740.2070 for methamphetamine testing are not required at this time.

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