Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Data Integrity and Ethics References and Resources

Data Integrity General Info

ISO/IEC 17025: Data Integrity Begins with Employee Integrity

Laboratory Ethics: What makes some scientists cheat?

Data Integrity Trainings/Presentations

Association of Public Heath Labs – Continuing Education and Training

The Distinguished Lab: quality, Ethics and Data Integrity (PDF document on Iowa State Hygienic Laboratory website: PDF: 218MB/19 pages)

New York Association of Approved Environmental Laboratories Online Ethics Training

Annual Data Integrity and Ethics Training (PDF document on NYSDOH website: 375KB/40 pages)

Guidance for Annual Requirement in Data Integrity and Ethics Training (PDF document on NYSDOH website: 109KB/27 pages)

Laboratory Ethics and Data Integrity “Train-the-Trainer” Presentation (PPT document on OTAC website: 46 slides)

Pennsylvania Association of Accredited Environmental Laboratories Online Ethics Training

Data Integrity EPA Websites

Best Practices for the Detection and Deterrence of Laboratory Fraud (PDF document on EPA website: 293KB/48 pages)

Detecting Improper Laboratory Practices

EPA’s Criminal Enforcement

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Integrity Policy (PDF document on EPA website: 206KB/14 pages)
(EPA's Integrity Policy February 2012)

Data Integrity News Stories

Private Labs Fake Environmental Tests

Water-testing lab owner sentenced

Data Integrity Legislation

Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989

Minnesota Rules Chapter 4740 Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Requirements

2003 NELAC Standard (PDF: 713KB/289 pages)

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