Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

State-specific Requirements (Minnesota)

The Minn. Rules, Chapter 4740 and the standard for accreditation require laboratories to ensure conformance with client requirements. The list of primary clients for environmental data is available under the Ask the Experts link on the home page for MN-ELAP. MN-ELAP maintains a summary of known state-specific requirements. These state-specific requirements are listed below by category.

Contact Information

MN-ELAP also maintains links to known federal requirements for federal programs via a separate webpage.

Federal Requirements (U.S. EPA, et.al.)

Agricultural Chemicals

Fixed Based Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plans Guidance Document 24


Vapor Intrusion Assessments Performed during Site Investigations
Air Emission Controls

Emerging Contaminants

Perfluorinated Chemicals in Drinking Water and Nonpotable Water Samples by HPLC/MS-MS (PDF: 49KB/7 pages)
Methamphetamine Testing

Inorganic Chemistry

Ammonia, Fluoride and Organic Nitrogen (under Clean Water Program)


Requirements for Monitoring of Beaches and Recreational Waters

Organic Chemistry (also see Air)

Analytical Requirements for Ethanol-blended Fuel Releases
Soil Sample Collection and Analysis Procedures
Ground Water Sample Collection and Analysis Procedures
Wisconsin Modified DRO Method-Sept 1995 (PDF: 251 KB/27 pages)
Wisconsin Modified GRO Method-Sept 1995 (PDF: 250 KB/59 pages)
WDNR Lab Notes-Spring 1996 (PDF: 115 KB/15 pages)


Technical Assistance for Methods - References, guidance documents and assessor training information.

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