Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Data Integrity and Ethics Training Workgroup

Data Integrity and Ethics Training Workgroup Overview

A Data Integrity and Ethics Training materials workgroup has been established by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program’s Advisory Committee. The workgroup is being led by Advisory Committee Members or their designees and is working to provide data ethics and integrity training resources for laboratories, laboratory managers and assessors.

Charter and Membership

Each workgroup, with membership drawn from across many interested parties, has been tasked in defining the purpose of each workgroup and the resulting deliverables.

Work Group Charter (PDF: 19KB/1 page)

How to Participate

For more information on the workgroup, please see the workgroup charter, meeting minutes, and information for how to get involved. You can participate at one of the workgroup meetings at the St. Paul MDH location. MN-ELAP provides the number of attendees and attendee names to Capitol Security in order to provide access to secured MDH facilities.

Directions to the MDH location at Freeman Building

For web casts and teleconferences, MN-ELAP must reserve an appropriate number of phone connections and provides the names of attendees to the meeting host at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

If the meeting host did not directly acknowledge your request to attend the meeting, please do not register using a meeting invitation forwarded to you by another individual. The program has reserved phone lines and meeting space to accommodate registered participants only. You may send a request to health.mnelap@state.mn.us if you wish to be included in a future session.

Meeting Materials

All locations, times, and participation instructions are included in the information of the meeting agenda.

05/01/2012 Agenda (PDF: 18KB/1 page)
05/01/2012 Materials (PDF 30KB/3 pages)
05/01/2012 Minutes (PDF: 18KB/2 pages)

04/24/2011 Agenda (PDF: 19KB/1 page)
04/24/2011 Materials (PDF: 160KB/25 pages)
04/24/2011 Minutes (PDF: 19KB/2 pages)

04/17/2011 Agenda (PDF: 21KB/1 page)
04/17/2011 Materials DOC: 15KB/1 page)
04/17/2011 Minutes (PDF: 20KB/2 pages)

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