About the Infectious Disease Laboratory

The Infectious Disease Laboratory, a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) - certified facility, occupies approximately 10,200 square feet of laboratory space and is composed of four laboratory units: Microbiology, Molecular Epidemiology, Emergency Preparedness and Response and Virology/Serology. Learn more about these units.

Meet the Scientists

Jaime Christensen

Meet Jamie! She is a Bacteriology Laboratory Specialist in the Infectious Disease Lab who has been with MDH for 11 years. She has a degree in Genetic Cell Biology and Development from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Her favorite thing about working at MDH is having the opportunity to work with certain unique assays, tests, and organisms that most people don’t get the opportunity to work with. She made an interesting discovery while testing samples from a possible mumps outbreak; the samples ended up growing a flu virus that happened to be causing mumps-like symptoms. Jamie is also in the Air National Guard. She enjoys going on tours, seeing the world, traveling, and hanging out with her kids.

Ginny Dobbins
Meet Ginny! She is bacteriology laboratory specialist in the infectious disease lab who was been working at MDH for 6 years. She went to the University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse and earned a degree in microbiology and a minor in chemistry, and later went to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities to get a master’s degree in public health. Her favorite thing about working here is helping identify food borne illnesses and hearing the sometimes crazy stories behind them. Outside of work she enjoys trivia, biking, and camping. She was also ordained online and has married two people!

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