The Clinical Guide to Services is a comprehensive reference guide of testing services, shipping information and submission requirements. Efforts have been made to be concise and current with all information, but as testing procedures and regulations change, some information may not be current. Many of these tests are only available with prior approval from MDH. It is impossible to address all situations in this guide, so please contact us with any questions.

List of Tests (Alphabetical by Agent)

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List of Tests by Agent


Dengue virus - IgM and IgG Antibody Detection

Methodology: Enzyme immunoassay
Restrictions: None
Fee Sticker: Not required
Specimen: Serum (1 ml)
Shipping: Ship at refrigeration temperature.
Turnaround: Not available
Comments: Sent to CDC
This disease must be reported to MDH as required by State Rule 4605.7040


See: Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Diphyllobothrium latum - Detection and Identification

See: Parasite Examination, Intestinal and Parasite Identification

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