General Contact Information for the Environmental Laboratory

For general inquiries, contact the MDH Environmental Laboratory at (651) 201-5300 or send an email to:

The MDH Environmental Laboratory provides analytical services primarily for government agencies and selected lake associations. To inquire about establishing an account, please contact the Environmental Laboratory at 651-201-5300.

Private Citizens

Private citizens who are seeking analytical services are encouraged to contact their county health agency for access to lab services. Water testing services for private well owners are available from both county health agencies and private laboratories throughout the state. Testing of well water should be performed only by a laboratory certified by MDH to perform the requested tests. Information about testing private wells is provided by the MDH Well Management Section.
MDH Well Management Section

Lists of laboratories certified by MDH to perform analytical tests are provided by the MDH Environmental Laboratory Certification Program.
Search for Accredited Laboratories

Established Clients

Inquiries about specific lab analyses and sample status can be directed to the Environmental Laboratory Operations Unit at 651-201-5300.

Please schedule submittals of all water microbiology samples – except for drinking water samples for presence/absence of total coliforms by contacting Operations. Please contact us to schedule submittals of samples for BOD, orthophosphate, and nitrite analyses so that we will be ready to process these samples upon their arrival.

For inquiries related to sample receiving, please call 651-201-4952 or send an email to:

For inquiries related to the MDH Environmental Laboratory Certification Program, send an e-mail to:

Employees of the Minnesota Department of Health can obtain more detailed information through postings on the MDH intranet site.

Deliveries should be sent to:
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Minnesota Department of Health Minnesota Department of Health
Public Health Laboratory Division Public Health Laboratory Division
P.O. Box 64899 601 Robert Street North
Saint Paul, MN 55164-0899 Saint Paul, MN 55155-2531

For additional information, please visit the MDH - Environmental Laboratory website.
MDH - Environmental Laboratory

651-201-5000 Phone
888-345-0823 Toll-free
61-201-5797 TTY

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