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MinneStories is a project to record and preserve the stories of Minnesota families with conditions that can be identified by newborn screening. These stories of impact are shared so we may understand more about how newborn screening affects the lives of people all around us.

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Rachel and Marsha

Rachel and Marsha discuss Rachel’s son, Cooper, and his diagnosis of MCAD deficiency found through newborn screening. Rachel shares her story of learning about her son’s diagnosis, a visit to the ER, and the opportunities that exist for him in spite of his diagnosis.

[Backstage Pass] Audio Text (PDF)

Like Lions

Melia and Julie with Aria

Shortly after she was born, a simple pulse oximetry screen prompted doctors to check Aria for a heart defect. Listen to her mother, Melia, and grandmother, Julie, talk about the strength Aria has shown and everything they went through as she fought for her life.

[Like Lions] Audio Text (PDF)

Partners in Hearing

Allison and Greg

Allison and Greg’s daughter, Elise, was diagnosed with hearing loss when she was five years old. Her parents share how ally organizations of the deaf and hard of hearing community worked with their family to secure a hearing aid for Elise.

Partners in Hearing Audio Text (PDF)

Amazing Little Boy

Jenni, Adam and their son Dylan

During the midst of their son’s medical crisis, Jenni and Adam learn through newborn screening that he has a serious metabolic disorder. Listen to their story to hear them share their experience and how time has provided a new outlook of hope and perspective for their family.

Amazing Little Boy Audio Text (PDF)

Our Normal

Ashley and Jeremey

Ashley and Jeremy share how taking things one day at a time has helped their family maintain a "normal life" after their son, Carson, was identified with cystic fibrosis through newborn screening.

Our Normal Audio Text (PDF)

Fierce Advocate

Rae and Dr. Nelson

Rae and Dr. Nelson describe their journey with her son's diagnosis of sickle cell disease and how it has shaped her into the advocate she has become today. Rae's son was found to have sickle cell disease on the newborn screen.

Fierce Advocate Audio Text (PDF)

Greta Great Heart

Karin and Steve

Karin and Steve discuss the delivery of their daughter, Greta, who shortly after birth was found to have a life-threatening heart defect through newborn screening and the girl she has become today as a result of this experience.

Greta Great Heart Audio Text(PDF)

Our Comedian

Allison and Nate

Allison and Nate discuss their journey through their twin pregnancy and their son's diagnosis of severe hearing loss, which was found through newborn screening.

Our Comedian Audio Text (PDF)

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We are so grateful to everyone who has shared their story with us. We hope these stories will help other families going through similar experiences and show the importance of newborn screening. We would also like to thank StoryCorps Legacy who inspired this project and trained us on how to capture these amazing stories.

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