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Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Althea's Story

AltheaWe brought our daughter, Althea Wren, home from the hospital on a Monday. The newborn screening results came in on Wednesday and showed a positive result for galactosemia. Our pediatrician called to inform us of the positive test and had us come in for some further blood tests. Upon hearing the results, we were informed to bring Althea to the NICU at the University of Minnesota.

We had never heard of galactosemia before and had no reason to suspect Althea had it.

There were no symptoms and without the newborn screening test it would have been a far worse situation, possibly dire. The efficiency and quick diagnosis not only improved our daughter's recovery but undoubtedly saved her life. We knew about the newborn screening test but never knew what a big difference it would make to our family.

Today Althea is a healthy, beautiful, sassy 3-month old who has a controlled diet and control of her inborn metabolic disorder, and for that we are ever grateful for the newborn screening test.