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Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Bryce's Story

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We received two gifts the week of 10/10/10: the first was Bryce being born into our family. The second was MN Newborn Screening detected his profound deafness before we came home from Rochester Methodist Hospital.

As parents and physicians, we feel we got a "head start" on understanding how we could help Bryce have all the things he might want in life. We were able to work with the wonderful people in the Rochester school district, MN Hands and Voices, our medical care team, our Deaf Mentors and Deaf friends early on.

Screening allowed us to communicate appropriately with Bryce right after he was born. Our research indicated that early communication is paramount to socialization and cognitive development. Our Deaf Mentor eloquently explained the social isolation he suffered early in life because of the difficulties he faced connecting to his peers. Bryce is growing up happy, successful in a bilingual household. We feel blessed to have had all the help, advice, and guidance from so many people, which got set in motion by early screening.

Enjoy the Journey!
Alina and Claude

This family was recently featured on ABC 6 News promoting Real-Time Closed Captioning.