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Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Gabriel's Story

GabrielOur son Gabriel was born happy and healthy. When he was three days old, Gabe underwent a simple medical procedure. In the hours following the procedure, Gabe's blood sugar dropped to 34, and he was unresponsive. With the help of the nurse we were able to feed Gabe a bottle and he returned to normal within a half hour.

Two days later, we received a call from our doctor stating that Gabe had a rare metabolic disorder called MCAD. We went to the doctor appointments and educated ourselves about the disorder. To date, there have been AT LEAST two instances where, had we not known about MCAD, Gabe would not be here with us today. His newborn screening allowed us to not only learn about the disorder, but also to plan ahead for crisis to keep our son safe.

Today, he's a happy and healthy kindergartner! We are so thrilled to see him enjoying the life that he wouldn't have had without the Newborn Screen.

Jennifer and Darrin



My, how time has flown! Gabe is now in 7th grade and will be 13 this summer.  He has become involved in several new activities, and with some practice and planning he has been able to participate in sports, band, and various church and community activities. 

Gabe started football this year.  Because of his condition, he cannot go long periods of time without eating, so he had some trouble with the heat and morning practices. But with close meal monitoring, cornstarch before bed, and careful hydration while playing, he was able to play the whole season without a major issue.  He also plays basketball, but football is his favorite sport.

Over the years he has had a few illnesses, but we have been able to manage at home.  We had to go to the ER once, but because we went before Gabe’s condition was serious they were able to treat him with IV anti-nausea medications and fluids and he was able to go home in a matter of hours instead of a several day hospital stay as he’s had to in the past (YAY!).

Gabe plays both the baritone and trombone in band, and took his first trip as a 4-H member to the Minnesota State Fair this summer. He continues to be a big help on the farm, driving tractors and helping with the new calves.

He continues to do well, and is getting better at knowing his limits and when to tell the teachers and coaches when he needs a break or doesn’t feel well. He is considering running track this spring, we look forward to his continued adventures.

Jennifer and Darrin, Gabe, and Dane