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Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Kendra's Story

Kendra toddler Kendra child

On December 5th, 2006 my world changed, I was blessed with my first child, Kendra. At the time I knew nothing of the newborn hearing screening process. When the nurse took Kendra away for her hearing test, I was curious, and even more so when she failed! After a few more tests my husband and I found out that our precious little girl was deaf.

Because we found out so quickly about Kendra's hearing loss, she was able to get Cochlear Implants in record time (she received her first implant at 8 months of age and her second at 10 months of age). Kendra is now two years old and doing amazing!!! Early detection is so very important. We are so blessed Kendra had her newborn hearing screening done, without it, her hearing loss could have gone undetected for months, and in some cases even years!

Thank you!

Jennifer Kirsch