Newborn Screening Family Stories: Rilee and Harrison's Story - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Rilee and Harrison's Story

Rilee Harrison

Seven years ago our family was given the shocking news that our baby girl was deaf. Words cannot describe how unprepared, overwhelmed, and scared we were as first-time parents. Yet, over time, our fears slowly subsided as we found ourselves amidst a strong network of professionals who could provide Rilee with exceptional intervention and allow her to reach her full potential.

Fast forward to last May when our son Harrison was born. Thanks to newborn hearing screening we were quickly able to detect his hearing loss and get him aided by the time he was 1 month old. We were relieved to be able to know such valuable information so quickly and make the appropriate decisions for our family.

Today, Rilee is a happy 7-year-old girl who has caught up to her hearing peers and enjoys being a language model for her baby brother. Harrison is a busy 1-year-old who loves all the attention from his big sister and is working hard on keeping his hearing aids on his ears.

-Lisa & Steve, parents of Rilee & Harrison