Newborn Screening Family Stories:
Zac and Ella's Story

Zac Ella

Thanks to the newborn screening test I found out my youngest has Cystic Fibrosis (CF)! Through that test, we also discovered why my 2 year old was always sick - he too has CF. Had they not taken my baby's blood drops -- and it is the tiniest drops -- we would be dealing with 2 very sick children! BECAUSE they did take the droplets, we have been treating both for a disease that could have killed them or done so much lung damage we would have needed to get them on lung transplant list. So, thank you MDH for your hard work. I trust in God to continue to care for me and my children. I trust the Lord has these little drops of blood in good hands working to better our lives in the future!

Jim, Sue, Ayden, Ella, Hayley, and Zac