Newborn Screening Information for Providers:
Screening Card Instructions

NurseThe following instructions are based on the most recent version of the newborn screening card. Older versions have several different fields. Please follow the instructions below for only those fields found on the newborn screening cards used by your facility.

When health professionals accurately complete the demographic section of the newborn screening cards, Newborn Screening Program staff can locate an infant with an abnormal result quickly and facilitate timely follow-up testing. If affected infants do not receive timely follow-up care, many of the disorders can lead to permanent mental or physical problems or even death. The submitter is legally responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information on the newborn screening card. Please take special care to fill out all fields.

Instructions for Properly Completing Newborn Screening Cards (PDF: 132KB/4 pages)
Particular areas on the newborn screening card have repeatedly been a source of questions and/or concerns. The Newborn Screening Program has created a handout with tips for how to fill out these areas.

Newborn Screening Card Tips (PDF: 239KB/1 page)