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Ordering Screening Cards

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Ordering Newborn Screening Cards
Types of Newborn Screening Cards
Ordering Newborn Screening Cards for Out-of-Hospital Births
Replacing Newborn Screening Cards
Newborn Screening Card Expiration Date

Ordering Newborn Screening Cards

Hospitals, healthcare providers, out-of-hospital birth providers, and parents can order newborn screening cards by mailing a completed Purchase/Replacement Request Form to the Newborn Screening Program along with a check payable to “Treasurer, State of Minnesota.”

Each newborn screening card costs $150.

The Purchase/Replacement Request Form can be downloaded as a PDF from the Education Materials and Forms page or requested by calling (800) 664-7772.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 64496
St. Paul, MN 55164-0496

Types of Newborn Screening Cards

There are two types of newborn screening cards:

  • White
    Used for newborns weighing more than 1800 grams at the time of birth. White newborn screening cards should always be used for infants born in out-of-hospital birth settings, regardless of weight.
  • Yellow
    Used ONLY for newborns weighing less than or equal to 1800 grams at the time of birth.

Ordering Newborn Screening Cards for Out-of-Hospital Births

Out-of-hospital birth providers have several options in ensuring all of the infants born in their care have access to newborn screening. Providers may purchase newborn screening cards from the Newborn Screening Program for each expected birth or ask the parent to purchase the card. If the parent will be responsible for purchasing the newborn screening card, the provider should make sure the parents are familiar with the ordering procedure and obtain the card in a timely fashion. Some providers may choose to refer the family to another provider to collect the newborn screening blood spots. In these cases, the Newborn Screening Program recommends that the birth attendant provides educational materials to the family and follows up to make sure the infant is screened.

The Newborn Screening Program also recommends that out-of-hospital birth providers who choose to provide newborn screening cards have at least one card available for back-up in case a problem with blood spot collection occurs.

Replacing Newborn Screening Cards

If there is a problem with blood spot collection, the card is damaged before use (e.g., the layers separate or the card is expired), and/or the collected blood spots are determined to be unsatisfactory before submission, a free replacement card can be obtained from the Newborn Screening Program. Follow these steps to request a replacement:

  • Write “VOID” on the face of the card being returned
  • Remove the filter paper portion of the card if it has blood on it
  • Fill out the Purchase/Replacement Request Form, which can be downloaded as a PDF from the Education Materials and Forms page
  • Mail the completed form and newborn screening card to the address on the form (DO NOT mail along with routine specimens)

Once received, a replacement card will be mailed to the address provided on the Purchase/Replacement Request Form as soon as possible.

Newborn Screening Card Expiration Date

Newborn screening cards are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Class II medical devices. Because of FDA regulations, the newborn screening cards are printed with expiration dates. The cards can be used for blood spot collection up to and including the last day of the month of the expiration date printed on the card. Expired cards submitted for screening will be considered unsatisfactory and another screen will be requested, which could delay diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that newborn screening card expiration dates are reviewed regularly to help manage inventory.