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Newborn Screening Training

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The Minnesota Department of Health has a Learning Management System, e-Logic, to deliver trainings to our clients. Newborn Screening courses that are currently available in e-Logic are listed below.

Note, before taking any courses in e-Logic, you will need to set up a user account. Follow these directions for setting up your user account:

  • Find a course below you are interested in and then navigate to E-Logic with this link: e_logic Course Search. Note, this is not the e-Logic home page you would normally use to login.
  • Enter part of the course title into the search field to the left of the magnifying glass, and then click the magnifying glass to search for the course.
  • When you see the course you are interested in, click the Add to Cart link for that course, and then the Proceed to Checkout link. Note, if there is a cost to take a course, it will be indicated next to the course title below.
  • This brings you to the Login screen. Under the Login button, click the Create an Account button and follow the directions for setting up your user account. Note, passwords must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.
  • Once you have created your account, you can continue registering for the course. When you are done registering, click the Launch button to start the course.

  • In the future, to take any courses and manage your account, login to the e-Logic home page: e-Logic Website

A User Guide for navigating the system is listed here to help you:

Public Health Laboratory eLogic User Guide (PDF)

If you need help getting a user account or navigating the system, please contact the Public Health Laboratory Training Coordinator at 651-201-5322.

Newborn Screening e-Learning Courses

Newborn Screening Education for Prenatal and Labor and Delivery Providers