Interpreter Roster Participation Notice - MDH

MN Interpreter Roster Applicant and Participant Notice

Participation on the Spoken Language Health Care Interpreter Roster is voluntary. No one is required to be on the Roster or complete the application. However, you must be on the Roster for your services as a Spoken Language Health Care Interpreter to be billed to Medicare/Medicaid.

To be listed on the Roster you must complete the online application and pay the fee. If you provide the required application information and pay the application fee your information will be held in the Minnesota Department of Health database of health care interpreters. Some information asked for in the Roster application is required, and some is optional. If you do not provide the required application information an error message will appear at the top of the page in red script and you will not be able to complete the Roster application.

All the information you give in the application for the Roster is public information. However, in the Roster application you may choose to be not available to interpret, and the information you enter in the application (except last and first names, Roster ID and expiration date) will not be displayed in a search of the Roster to find an interpreter. If you choose to be available to interpret the following personal information will not be displayed:

  • your birth date
  • place of birth
  • where you grew up
  • religion
  • mailing address
  • optional contact information

The following personal information will be displayed if you choose to be available to interpret:

  • the languages you interpret
  • your age range
  • primary phone number
  • primary email address
  • times and locations you are available to interpret
  • specialty areas and number ranges of interpreting encounters in those specialty areas
  • any network or agency names and phone numbers with which you are associated.

To continue your listing on the Roster, you must renew online once each year. You will receive an email 60 days before your Roster participation will end. If you do not renew when you receive the 60-day notice, you will receive a reminder email 10 days before your participation in the Roster will end. If you do not renew within the 10 days, your name will no longer appear in the Roster. You may renew within six months after your Roster participation has expired by going to Renew Your Listing on the Roster. If it has been over six months since your Roster participation has expired you will need to reapply for the Roster by going to Apply to the Roster.

Updated Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at 11:50AM