Amharic Translated Materials

MDH materials translated into Amharic.

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Emergency Preparedness
Healthy Markets
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Tuberculosis (TB)


Anthrax - Amharic (PDF)

Botulism- Amharic (PDF)

Plague - Amharic (PDF)

Smallpox - Amharic (PDF)

Tularemia - Amharic (PDF)

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHFs) - Amharic (PDF)

Brucellosis - Amharic (PDF)

Glanders - Amharic (PDF)

Ricin - Amharic (PDF)

For more information>Bioterrorism Diseases

Emergency preparedness

Family Information for Medical Emergencies - Amharic (PDF)


Fight the Flu Poster - black and white - Amharic (PDF)

Fight the Flu Poster - color - Amharic (PDF)

Fight the Flu Bookmark - black and white - Amharic (PDF)

Fight the Flu Bookmark - color - Amharic (PDF)

For more information>Fight the Flu

Healthy Markets

Healthy Market Flyer: Be food safe at the live animal market - Amharic (PDF)

For more information>Healthy Markets


Think Measles Poster - Amharic (PDF)

Protect Your Family From Measles - PSA and short video - Amharic

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

HIV Drug Resistance and Subtype Testing - Information for Clients - Amharic (PDF)

Sexually Transmitted Disease Facts - Amharic (PDF)

Scabies - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Chancroid - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Chlamydia - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Genital Warts/Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Gonorrhea - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Hepatitis: Type B - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Herpes - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: HIV/AIDS - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU) - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Pubic Lice/Scabies - Amharic (PDF)

STD Facts: Syphilis - Amharic (PDF)

Tuberculosis (TB)

Active TB Disease - Amharic (PDF)

Home Respiratory Precautions for Patients with Potentially Infectious Tuberculosis - Amharic (PDF)

For more information> Home Respiratory Precautions for Patients with Potentially Infectious Tuberculosis - English

Instruction for Collecting Sputum for TB (Tuberculosis) - Amharic (PDF)

TB Contact Investigations - Amharic (PDF)

The TB Skin Test (Mantoux) - Amharic (PDF)

Treatment of Latent TB (Tuberculosis) Infection (LTBI) - Amharic (PDF)

Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Test (IGRA) - Amharic (PDF)

For more information> Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Test (IGRA) - English

For more information>TB Fact Sheets and Brochures by Language

For more information>Patient Education Materials


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