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Laotian Translated Materials

MDH materials translated into Laotian.

On this page:
Tuberculosis (TB)


Minnesota Patient Bill of Rights  (Hospitals) - Laotian (PDF)

Resident Bill of Rights  (Nursing Homes) - Laotian (PDF)

Minnesota Home Care Bill of Rights - Laotian (PDF)

Combined Bill of Rights for Home Care - Laotian (PDF)

For more information>Patient, Resident and Home Care Bill of Rights


Basic Health Safety (PDF: 71KB/1 page)

Basic Clean-Up (PDF: 71KB/2 pages)

Basic Home Re-Entry (PDF: 61KB/1 page)

Mold (PDF: 60KB/1 page)

Personal Protective Equipment (PDF: 59KB/1 page)

For more information>Fact sheets for disasters


Fight the Flu Poster - black and white - Laotian (PDF:663KB/1 page)

Fight the Flu Poster - color - Laotian (PDF:575KB/1 page)

Fight the Flu Bookmark - black and white - Laotian (PDF:408KB/2 pages)

Fight the Flu Bookmark - color - Laotian (PDF:285KB/2 pages)

For more information>Fight the Flu


Understanding Vaccines ECHO-TV Program


Active TB Disease - Laotian (PDF)

Instruction for Collecting Sputum for TB (Tuberculosis) - Laotian (PDF)

TB Contact Investigations - Laotian (PDF)

The TB Skin Test (Mantoux) - Laotian (PDF)

Treatment of Latent TB (Tuberculosis) Infection (LTBI) - Laotian (PDF)

For more information>TB Fact Sheets and Brochures by Language

For more information>Patient Education Materials


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