Somali Translated Materials

MDH materials translated into Somali.

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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
Cover Your Cough

Healthy Markets
Nutrition and Food Safety
Refugee Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Tuberculosis (TB)


Asthma Awareness - Somali (PDF)

Asthma/Breathing Problem Visit Notification - Somali (PDF)

Parent/Guardian Asthma Questionnaire - Somali (PDF)


Anthrax Fact Sheet for Minnesotans - Somali (PDF)

Facts About Smallpox - Somali (PDF)

For more information>Bioterrorism

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Getting Better After Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion - Somali (PDF: 2MB/2 pages)

Cover Your Cough

Cover Your Cough Brochure for Health Care - Somali (PDF)

Cover Your Cough Poster for Health Care - Somali (PDF)

Cover Your Cough Poster for Schools - Somali (PDF)

Stop! Protect Our Patients - Somali (PDF)

Stop! Help Protect our Residents - Somali (PDF)

For more information>Cover Your Cough - English


Ebola Fact Sheet - Somali (PDF: 40KB/2 pages)


Minnesota Patient Bill of Rights  (Hospitals) - Somali (PDF)

Resident Bill of Rights  (Nursing Homes) - Somali (PDF)

Minnesota Home Care Bill of Rights - Somali (PDF)

Combined Bill of Rights for Home Care - Somali (PDF)

For more information>Patient, Resident and Home Care Bill of Rights


Basic Health Safety (PDF: 35KB/1 page)

Basic Clean-Up (PDF: 35KB/1 page)

Basic Home Re-Entry (PDF: 33KB/1 page)

Mold (PDF: 63KB/1 page)

Personal Protective Equipment (PDF: 34KB/1 page)

For more information>Fact sheets for disasters


Fight the Flu Poster - black and white - Somali (PDF:640KB/1 page)

Fight the Flu Poster - color - Somali (PDF:552KB/1 page)

Fight the Flu Bookmark - black and white - Somali (PDF:216KB/2 pages)

Fight the Flu Bookmark - color - Somali (PDF:94KB/2 pages)

Healthy Markets

Healthy Market Flyer: Be food safe at the live animal market - Somali (PDF: 1.1MB/1 page)

For more information>Healthy Markets


Adult Vaccine Administration Record - Somali (PDF)

Can My Child Get Free or Low Cost Shots? – Somali (PDF)

Measles - Somali (PDF)

Pediatric Vaccine Administration Record - Somali (PDF)

Pertussis and School-Age Children – Somali (PDF)

Protect Your Family From Measles - PSA and short video - Somali

Think Measles Poster - Somali (PDF:169KB/1 page)

Understanding Vaccines ECHO-TV Program

Varicella (Chickenpox) - Somali (PDF)

For more information>Immunization

For more information>Order Form for Immunization Materials in Languages Other than English (PDF)


Cleaning Up Sources of Lead in the Home - Somali (PDF)

Common Sources of Lead - Somali (PDF)

Steps to Help Lower Your Child's Blood Lead Level - Somali (PDF)

What is Lead Poisoning? - Somali (PDF)

For more information>Lead Poisoning Prevention Fact Sheets and Brochures

For more information>Lead brochures order form (PDF)


Breastfeeding Information in Somali

Nutrition and Food Safety

Nutrition Information in Somali

Refugee Health

Health Guide for Refugees in Minnesota - Somali (PDF)

For more information>Health Guide for Refugees in Minnesota - English (PDF)

For more information>Health Education Materials for Refugees

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

HIV Drug Resistance and Subtype Testing - Information for Clients - Somali (PDF)

Pregnant? Get tested for Hepatitis B - Somali (PDF: 463KB/2 pages)

Sexually Transmitted Disease Facts - Somali (PDF: 47 KB/16 pages)

Scabies - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Chancroid - Somali (PDF: 4KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Chlamydia - Somali (PDF: 4KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Genital Warts/Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Gonorrhea - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Hepatitis: Type B - Somali (PDF: 7KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Herpes - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: HIV/AIDS - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU) - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Pubic Lice/Scabies - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

STD Facts: Syphilis - Somali (PDF: 4 KB/1 page)

Tuberculosis (TB)

Active TB Disease - Somali (PDF)

Home Respiratory Precautions for Patients with Potentially Infectious Tuberculosis - Somali (PDF:29KB/1 page)

Instruction for Collecting Sputum for TB (Tuberculosis) - Somali (PDF)

TB Contact Investigations - Somali (PDF)

The TB Skin Test (Mantoux) - Somali (PDF)

Treatment of Latent TB (Tuberculosis) Infection (LTBI) - Somali (PDF)

Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Test (IGRA) - Somali (PDF)

For more information>TB Fact Sheets and Brochures by Language

For more information>Patient Education Materials


WIC Works - Somali (PDF)

Faa'iidoyinka Nuujinta Ilmaha (Benefits of Breastfeeding) - Card #1 (PDF: 64.29KB/2 pages)

Cuno Fiican Cun! Wanaag/Farxad dareen! (Eating Right! Feeling Good! - Card #2 (PDF: 45.93KB/2 pages

Waxa aad la Kulmi doontid Usbuucyada ugu Horeeya (What to Expect in the First Weeks) - Card #1 (PDF: 83.78 KB/2 pages)

Qof Caafimaad Qaba Ahoow (Stay Healthy) - Card #2 (PDF: 76.97KB/2 pages)

Nuujinta Ilmahaago yar (Breastfeeding Your Baby) - Card #1 (PDF: 44.78KB/2 pages)

Masaasad Siinta Ilmahaaga Yar (Bottlefeeding Your Baby) - Card #2 (PDF: 56.62KB/2 pages)

U bilaabida Hilibka iyo Cunooyinka La Calaliyo (Starting Meats and Textures) - Card #6 (PDF: 46.71 KB/2 pages)

U bilaabida Cunnoyink Caadiga ah iyo Cunooyinka Faraha Lagu soo Qabsan Karo (Starting Table and Finger Foods) - Card #7 (PDF: 53.79KB/2 pages)

Waqtiga ilmaha Masaasada Iaga Joojiyo (Time to Stop Using Bottles) - Card #8 (PDF: 61.17KB/2 pages)

Cunno Siinta Ilmahaaga 1-Sano-Jirka ah (Feeding Your One-Year-Old) - Card #1 (PDF: 66.70KB/2 pages)

Cunno Siinta Ilmahaaga 1 1/2-Jirka ah (Feeding Your 1 1/2-Year Old) - Card #2 (PDF: 79.98KB/2 pages)

Waan oomanahay - Haraadsanahay! (Beverages - I'm Thirsty!) - Card #6 (PDF: 62.67KB/2 pages)

Miisaanka Caafimaad Qabka ah (Healthy Weight) - Card #8 (PDF: 89.93KB/2 pages)

Hooyooyinka iyo Caruurtu Waxay u baahan yihiin Feero (Moms and Kids Need Iron) - Card #4 (PDF: 41.66KB/2 pages)

Aalkoladda, tubaakadda, iyo daroogooyinka kale (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) - Card #5 (PDF: 45.64KB/2 pages)

For more information>WIC Nutrition information in Somali


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