Minnesota e-Health Assessment: Additional Resources

Other E-Health Assessment and Evaluation Resources
Links to other sources of state and national e-health assessment information:

Rural Health Information Technology Workforce Challenges and Recommendations (PDF 154KB/8 pg)
Stratis Health cosponsored the National Rural HIT Workforce Summit which resulted in recommendations for policy makers to support HIT workforce development efforts and funding; provide input on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and other federal/state opportunities to support HIT workforce development; define resources needed for successful rural HIT implementation; and recommend methods for tracking national HIT workforce data.

Minnesota Nursing Home - Health Information Technology Survey Results (PDF 75KB/14 pg)
Profile of the level of HIT use in Minnesota nursing homes, contracted by MDH. We surveyed 380 nursing homes and learned that 31 percent have an EHR and the most common barrier to implementation is lack of capital resources to invest in technology.

Electronic Health Record Landscape Assessment: Minnesota’s Primary Care Clinics (PDF 53KB/2 pg)
Stratis Health regularly surveys more than 600 adult primary care practices in Minnesota to assess the level and types of EHR use in the state. In the most recent statewide survey, the number of clinics that have implemented or were in the process of implementing an EHR system had significantly increased—from 46% in 2005 to 62% in 2007.

Health IT Survey Compendium
The Health IT Survey Compendium provides a centralized and regularly updated resource of health IT surveys. This collection is not intended to represent the entire set of survey instruments and tools available in the health IT community, but to represent surveys that are publicly available.

For more information about e-health assessment and evaluation in Minnesota, contact Kari Guida, MPH, at kari.guida@state.mn.us or 651-201-4136.

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