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The MN-PHIN Initiative worked to ensure that state and local health departments had the information systems, policies and technical expertise necessary to meet their mission, not only in the face of growing public health threats but as a critical partner in the Minnesota e-Health Initiative. This work, 2005-2008, resulted in numerous resources, reports, and recommendations.

MN-PHIN Resources, Reports, and Recommendations

Protecting Communities Through Improved Public Health Information Systems: The Minnesota Public Health Information Network Report to the Minnesota Legislature 2007 (PDF). This report identifies the critical issues, challenges and opportunities of upgrading state and local public health data management systems.

Minnesota Public Health Information Network (MN-PHIN): Roadmap for Action 2007 (PDF). This one page summary provides the MN-PHIN Roadmap for Action with the goals, vision, values, strategies, and recommendations.

Minnesota Public Health Information Network (MN-PHIN) Roadmap and Recommendations for Strategic Action Report to the Minnesota Legislature 2005 (PDF). This report fulfills the directive by the 2004 Minnesota Legislature to the Minnesota Department of Health to prepare a plan for the development and implementation of a statewide public health data management system in cooperation and consultation with representative of local public health departments.

Public Health Information Systems in Minnesota: The Uses and Hopes Among Local Public Health Staff 2006 (PDF). This report contains the status of information systems in Minnesota local public health departments as collected in the summer and fall of 2005.


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