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Sponsored Projects Overview

What is a MN-PHIN Sponsored Project?
A sponsored project is a collection of people and projects working on similar endeavors that advance Health Information Systems and Collaboration in Minnesota. Sponsored Projects can share their experiences and project ideas and avoid "reinventing the wheel" every time they tackle new challenges. By learning from each other, sponsored projects shorten the learning curve, foster new approaches, and expand the knowledge base more rapidly.
For MN-PHIN, the sharing will take place through:

  • Projects being presented to the MN-PHIN Steering Committee;
  • Projects referred to each other for peer-to-peer sharing and learning;
  • Occasional informatics training forums (workshops, webinars, etc.).

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Who can become part of the MN-PHIN Sponsored Project?

  • Any state or local information system project that is of importance to both local agencies and MDH, and that seeks to:
    • improve the collection, management, uses, and/or exchange of data to improve public health practice and program effectiveness; or
    • improve the design, functions and interoperability of public health information systems.
  • Staff working on those state or local information system projects listed above.
  • Any individual wanting to enhance their informatics knowledge and skills
The information system project must be of importance to both local agencies and MDH.
  • Projects that are purely local in nature, or relate to only one agency, may get technical assistance through the MDH Center for Health Informatics.
  • Projects within MDH that do not impact local agencies (although they may involve other community partners) can obtain support through the Center for Health Informatics, Information Systems & Technology Management, and Human Resource Management's Office of Workforce Development (for project management skills). Projects that do not meet these criteria would not be part of the MN-PHIN Sponsored Projects.

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Why should we be involved in MN-PHIN? What is the value?
Being a member of a MN-PHIN Sponsored Projects can have many benefits. For MN-PHIN, these include:

  • Access to knowledge, advocacy and other forms of support (sample project and communications plans, charters, data flow diagrams, report templates, data dictionaries, and other sample documents). Such knowledge and tested samples can lead to an improved project planning and implementation, with reduced risks and higher chances of success.
  • More buy-in from your partners and/or stakeholders.
  • Greater visibility by being part of the MN-PHIN directory of projects and the MN-PHIN Steering Committee.
  • Greater connections to other state and local projects within your program or agency.
  • Greater credibility with potential funding sources.
  • An increase in workforce and organizational informatics capacity.
If you are an information system project (versus an individual seeking to gain informatics knowledge and skills), as part of the MN-PHIN Sponsored Project some or all of those benefits will be available to you:
  • The Steering Committee will review your project goals and approaches prior to or during the initial planning phase.
  • The Steering Committee will provide initial guidance on implementing your project based on sound principles and a tested project management methodology specifically designed for public health.
  • You will have access to a range of sample materials and guidance documents to support your project.
  • You will be part of a group designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information around similar issues related to information system projects.

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What is expected of us as a project member of the MN-PHIN Sponsored Projects?
As a registered project of MN-PHIN, you are expected to:

  • Make a genuine effort to adopt the committee's guidance and advice.
  • Present progress reports to the committee 2-3 times a year, either written or (preferably) oral.
  • Register your project plans or other documents so others can learn from them.
  • Share your experiences and lessons learned with others through the listserv and other forums.

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How do we become a MN-PHIN Sponsored Project?
Begin by completing the Registration Form for System Projects. Send the form to Bill Brand at Within 30 days, your registration form will be reviewed by a local-state sub-group of MN-PHIN Steering Committee members. After the initial review, you may be asked for additional information or to present your project to the Steering Committee at one of its regular meetings. You will be notified about the level of support the Steering Committee can offer you; either:

  • Inviting you to become a project member of the MN-PHIN Sponsored Projects, which includes access to MN-PHIN resources and being added to the MN-PHIN Directory of Projects; or
  • Being selected by the Committee as one of a very limited number of MN-PHIN Sponsored Projects.

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