Personal Health Records (PHRs)

A growing number of Minnesotans are using a Personal Health Record or PHR to monitor and take charge of their health. A PHR gives people the ability to collect—electronically or on paper—all their important health history in one place, so that a complete and accurate history and medication list is available to them when they need it. Links to prevention and other important health information is often included. Many people create a PHR for their children and aging parents as well. Contact your healthcare provider, health insurance plan and/or employer to see what types of PHR services they provide.

MN e-Health Definition of PHR
The personal health record (PHR) is an electronic record of health-related information on an individual that conforms to nationally recognized interoperability standards and that can be drawn from multiple sources while being managed, shared, and controlled by the individual. Individuals manage the information in the PHR, which comes from health care providers and the individual. The PHR is maintained in a secure and private environment, with the individual determining rights of access. The PHR is separate from and does not replace the medical record of any provider.

Consumer Benefits of PHRs
Consumers can personalize their health and health care by using a Personal Health Record. Some ways that a PHR can assist you in managing your health and health care:

  • You have convenient and secure access to personal health information, whenever it is needed to help you make health decisions.
  • You can ask good questions and make better healthcare decisions for your children, your elderly parent, and yourself based on personalized information.
  • You can record your health history and set reminders to help you monitor and take responsibility for your health.
  • You get test results quickly and can understand them.
  • You are aware of potential drug interactions with the medications you are taking.
  • You can use secure e-mail to ask your physician confidential health questions.
  • You keep tabs on the health information contained in your record and provide updates when needed.

Personal Health Record (PHR) Fact Sheet - 2007 (PDF 65KB/2pg)

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