Glossary of Terms and Acronyms Related to e-Health

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WAN (Wide Area Network):
A computer network that covers a large physical area. A WAN usually consists of multiple local area networks (LANs).

WG (Workgroup):
In Minnesota, the e-Health Initiative has five Workgroups: Health Information Exchange; Adoption and Meaningful Use; Standards and Interoperability; Privacy, Legal and Policy, and Communications and Outreach. These workgroups are a way to convene stakeholders to recommend a framework for health information exchange that will provide the foundation for the statewide strategic and operational HIE plans. This framework in turn will enable Minnesota providers to achieve meaningful use and meet requirements of section 3013 of the HITECH Act. Reference:

Web-Enabled: Refers to software applications that can be used directly through the Web. Web-enabled applications are often used to collect information from, or make functionality available to, geographically dispersed users (e.g. disease surveillance systems).

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