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Safe or Sorry (SOS) Home Food Safety Quiz

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This quiz is an excerpt from the full SOS Curriculum.

Question 1:
It is okay to eat hamburgers that are pink, but not red, in the middle.


Question 2:
Fruits and vegetables should be washed with running water before eating.


Question 3:
Choosing chicken and ground meat treated with irradiation will decrease your chances of getting foodborne illness.


Question 4:
Food containing bacteria that causes foodborne illness always smells, looks or tastes bad.


Question 5:
Frozen meat, poultry or fish products should be defrosted in the refrigerator or microwave.


Question 6:
You should always use a thermometer to test the doneness of whole chicken or turkey.


Question 7:
The temperature of your home refrigerator should be 40 degrees F. or less.


Question 8:
You will feel sick within 24 hours of eating contaminated food if you have a foodborne illness.


Question 9:
As long as you rinse your cutting board before you use it to cut a different type of food, you won’t have any problems.


Question 10:
When you wash your hands you should...


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