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Safe or Sorry (SOS) Curriculum

Download the full SOS Curriculum:
Safe or Sorry (SOS) Curriculum (PDF)

Safe or Sorry Kickoff — Lesson 1

    Introduce and build enthusiasm

    • Food safety pre-test
    • Food safety video
    • Community guests on food safety

Foodborne Illness — Lesson 2

    Basic concepts of what, where, how and who

    • Symptoms and examples of foodborne illness
    • Glitter Bug Powder and ultraviolet light stick to show germs are everywhere
    • Activity: Each person gathers samples in petri dish
    • Worksheet: Word Search

Bacteria Are Like You in Many Ways! — Lesson 3

    Conditions needed for bacteria to grow

    • Identify Risky foods
    • Irradiation of Risky Foods
    • Activity: Teams choose food items to pack in lunches with or without ice packs/thermos
    • Worksheet: Word Scramble

The Temperature DANGER ZONE! — Lesson 4

    Importance of time and temperature for safe food

    • Cooking thoroughly
    • Keeping foods at safe temperatures
    • Activity: Bad germs balloon blow up
    • Worksheet: Jody's Submarine Sandwich
    • Worksheet: Guess the Temperature
    • Quiz: SOS Quiz

It's All In Your Hands! — Lesson 5

    Importance of proper handwashing

    • Why, how, and when
    • Handwashing videos
    • Dancing gorilla
    • Activity: Participants put dirty and clean hands on bread slices
    • Activity: Glitter Bug Potion and ultraviolet light stick

The Chicken Who Crossed the Lettuce — Lesson 6


    • What is it?
    • What causes it?
    • How to prevent it?
    • Rubber chicken with Glitter Bug Powder and ultraviolet light stick
    • Activity: Glitter Bug Potion on "hamburger," knife, cutting board, lettuce, towel
    • Worksheet: Mystery of What Happened When the Chicken Crossed the Lettuce

"Crazy Cooks in the Kitchen" Video — Lesson 7

    Humorous review/reinforcement of food safety

    • Guest "bogus cooks" prepare food making 50 food safety mistakes
    • Activity: Participants count and explain mistakes
    • Prizes awarded to winners

Germ Survivor Quiz Bowl — Lesson 8

    Review of food safety lessons

    • Activity: Teams answer food safety questions
    • Prizes awarded to all and winning team

Safe Not Sorry Celebration! — Lesson 9

    Celebration, assessment and evaluation

    • Post-test (identical to pre-test)
    • Announcement of poster contest winners and prizes
    • Activity: Roundtable – verbal feedback on program

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