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Safe or Sorry (SOS) Pre and Post Test

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This quiz is an excerpt from the full SOS Curriculum.

Question 1:
What is foodborne illness?
An illness which:


Question 2:
What is the "temperature danger zone"?
The temperature range where:


Question 3:
For the past four hours, leftovers from your family's big holiday dinner have been sitting out in the kitchen for guests to eat.
Choose the items that are still safe to eat.

Roast turkey
Mashed potatoes
Whole wheat buns
Baked ham
Sliced watermelon


Question 4:
Unsafe food will always have a strange appearance and odor.


Question 5:
Last night it was your turn to clear the dinner table and clean up the kitchen. At midnight, you woke up and realized that you had forgotten to refrigerate the leftover potato salad. If the potato salad had been left out since 7:00 p.m., what should you do with the potato salad?


Question 6:
When refrigerating raw chicken, where should you store it to prevent cross-contamination of other foods?


Question 7:
If you were preparing submarine sandwiches for your family, which one of the following activities would you do first?


Question 8:
If your friend was grilling hamburgers and asked how you wanted your hamburger cooked, how should you respond?


Question 9:
When you were helping make chocolate chip cookies, you ate a large spoonful of the raw cookie dough. The next day you were sick with diarrhea and stomach pain. Why do you think that you became sick?


Question 10:
After you use a cutting board for cutting raw meats, how often do you wash it with soap and water?


Question 11:
Recommended thorough handwashing takes how long?


Question 12:
Freezing food will:


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