Ordering Products for Handwashing Experiments: Handwashing Tool Kit - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Ordering Products for Hand Washing Experiments

Disclaimer: The Minnesota Food Safety Partnership, the US Food and Drug Administration, and the Minnesota Department of Health do not endorse any of these companies. The list is provided for assistance in purchasing items, you should make your own store selections.

  • Petri dishes:
    Local hospitals and clinics may donate

    VWR Scientific Products
    Sterile agar petri dishes; 100 per case-$97.00
    Trypticase Soy Agar 5% Sheep’s Blood, TSA2
    1-800-932-5000, www.vwr.com

  • Sterile swabs:
    Can use cotton swabs

    VWR Scientific Products
    Sterlie swabs; 100-$6.81
    1-800-932-5000, www.vwr.com

  • Blacklight:
    Some local “gag” gift stores (such as Spencers)
    sell black lights for $10-$20

    Brevis Corporation
    Large Ultraviolet Light Stick Kit BGBKIT#003
    (comes with 1 glowing potion and 1 glowing powder)-$66.00
    1-800-383-3377, www.brevis.com

  • Glowing powder/potion (glows under blacklight):
    Brevis Corporation
    Extra glowing potion -$12.00
    Extra glowing powder -$12.00
    1-800-383-3377, www.brevis.com

  • Rubber Chicken or dancing 20 second hamster:
    Try a local discount store (Walgreen’s, Target, Wal Mart etc.)
    or a local “gag” gift store (such as Spencers)

    Novelty poster

    Rubber Chicken:
    Twin Cities Magic & Costume

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