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About Health Reform - History

Groundwork for the 2008 Health Reform Law began in 2007, with the efforts of both a legislative commission and a governor-appointed task force.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's Health Care Transformation Task Force and the Legislative Commission on Health Care Access both published reports in early 2008 that included recommendations to:

  • Improve population health
  • Better coordinate care for those with chronic and complex health conditions
  • Make advances in coverage
  • Improve transparency
  • Lower administrative cost
  • Better involve the patient and individual
  • Reform how we pay for health care

These recommendations led to the development of legislation in the 2008 session that ultimately became the health reform law. The bill went through numerous legislative committee hearings and was passed by the Minnesota Legislature and signed into law by the governor in May 2008.

Task Force and Commission Reports

Transformation Task Force Final Report, January 2008 (PDF: 622KB/79 pages)

Legislative Commission on Health Care Access Final Report, February 2008 (PDF: 622KB/79 pages)


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