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Minnesota's All Payer Claims Database (APCD)

In 2008, the Minnesota Legislature passed groundbreaking health reform legislation that, among other initiatives, charged the Commissioner of Health with developing a system to create greater transparency of provider cost and quality. As one component of the system, Minnesota Department of Health staff- and contractors developed, with input from community advisors, the Minnesota Health Care Claims Reporting System (MHCCRS), also known as Minnesota’s All Payer Claims Database (APCD).

While the APCD was originally limited to support Minnesota’s Provider Peer Grouping (PPG) initiative, the 2014 Legislature recognized the importance of using Minnesota’s APCD as a tool to address other key questions to inform health care delivery system reform. MDH was authorized to perform relevant analyses about variation of cost, quality, utilization and disease burden, in addition to using the data for certain evaluation activities.

The 2014 legislation also directed MDH to create a workgroup to develop recommendations for a framework that could govern potential future uses of the data. Commissioner Dr. Ehlinger appointed members to this workgroup to also consider questions concerning privacy and security, access to the data, potential acceptable uses of the data by outside organizations, funding and sustainability of the APCD, among other requirements in state law. MDH will submit a report with the findings from the workgroup to the Legislature by February 2015.

APCD Frequently Asked Questions (PDF: 453KB/10 pages)

APCD Workgroup

Members, group charter, and meeting information.

Research and Analysis

The newly authorized uses for Minnesota’s APCD now include:

  • Evaluation of the performance of the Health Care Homes program;
  • Studying, in collaboration with the Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively (RARE) campaign, hospital readmission rates and trends;
  • Analysis of variations in health care costs, quality, utilization and illness burden based on geographical areas or populations; and
  • Evaluation of the State Innovation Model (SIM) testing grants received by the Departments of Health and Human Services

The APCD’s original sole authorized use - the Provider Peer Grouping initiative - was suspended under this new law.

Data Collection and Aggregation

MDH has contracted with Onpoint Health Data to perform the data aggregation services for Minnesota’s APCD. More information on the data collection process, including the data submission guide, can be found on MDH’s Encounter Data page.

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