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Baskets of Care

Minnesota’s 2008 Health Reform Law required the Commissioner of Health to establish uniform definitions for baskets of care beginning with a minimum of seven baskets of care. Baskets of care are collections of health care services designed to treat particular health conditions or episodes of care. Offering these bundled services is a major reform in the way we pay for health care.

A work group was charged with developing definitions for seven uniform baskets of care and provided recommendations about those definitions, recommending quality measures, identifying operational and administrative challenges associated with market adoption of baskets of care, and working to develop solutions to those issues.

Minnesota health care providers now have the option to voluntarily use baskets of care to deliver services. State law requires providers offering a state-designated basket of care to register with the commissioner of health. Click here for the baskets of care registration form.

The Baskets of Care Steering Committee identified the seven initial baskets of care as the following: 

Guided by the subcommittee membership needs identified by the Baskets of Care Steering Committee for each basket of care, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) convened seven broadly representative subcommittees to assist with further defining the seven baskets of care.

Adopted Rules and Appendices Available

Adopted Expedited Permanent Rules Relating to Baskets of Care, Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4765, are published in the March 22, 2010 edition of the State Register. A copy of the proposed rules, technical appendices, and additional information, is available at Baskets of Care - Adopted Rule.

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