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Baskets of Care - Total Knee Replacement Subcommittee - February 27, 2009 Meeting

Agenda and Meeting Summary

Agenda (PDF: 75KB/2 pages)

Meeting Summary (PDF: 39KB/3 pages)

Documents and Background Information

Conflict of Interest Form (PDF: 33KB/2 pages)

Consensus Building (PDF: 23KB/2 pages)

Ground Rules (PDF: 23KB/1 page)

Subcommittee Charge (PDF: 23KB/2 pages)

Subcommittee Meeting Plan (PDF: 15KB/1 page)

Subcommittee Member Roles (PDF: 17KB/1 page)

Total Knee Replacement Background Information (PDF: 43KB/6 pages)

Scope Worksheet (PDF: 95KB/1 page)

Baskets of Care Component Suggestions (PDF: 23KB/2 pages)

January 28, 2009 letter submitted by Lisa Dierks, RD, Minnesota Dietetic Association (PDF: 82KB/1 page)

Research Articles Abstracts (PDF: 27KB/3 pages)

Citations for additional relevant articles:

Cisternas MG, MGC Data Svcs, Murphy L, Croft JB, Helmick CG. Racial Disparities in Total Knee Replacement Among Medicare Enrollees — United States, 2000–2006. MMWR 2009;58(6):134-8.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Consensus Development Conference Statement on Total Knee Replacement


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