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Consumer Engagement

Health care consumers have an important role to play in transforming Minnesota’s health care system. The health reform bill requires the Commissioner of Health to convene a work group to develop strategies for engaging consumers in understanding the importance of health care cost and quality, specifically as it relates to health care outcomes, consumer out of pocket costs, and variation in health care cost and quality across providers. The work group is also charged with developing strategies to assist consumers in becoming advocates for higher value health care and a more efficient, effective health care system.

Report to the Legislature on Consumer Engagement

Strategies to Engage Consumers on Health Care Cost and Quality (PDF: 125KB/20 pages)

Consumer Engagement Activities

AARP/MDH Focus Groups
MDH partnered with the AARP to hold three focus groups in October 2009. The groups explored consumer attitudes toward health care cost and quality.

Report from focus groups (PDF: 1.3MB/27 pages)

Baskets of Care Consumer Feedback
MDH convened a moderated “listening session” in May 2009 with consumer and employer members of the baskets of care subcommittees to get their feedback on the baskets and the benefits of and barriers to participating in them.

Report from the listening session (PDF: 22KB/5 pages)


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