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Fact Sheet: MN APCD Submission Requirements and Variance Management (PDF)

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Beginning July 1, 2009, Minnesota Statutes, section 62U.04 requires all health plans and third party administrators to begin submitting encounter data every six months to a private entity under contract with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Consistent with the health reform law, this data may only be used for the development of the provider peer grouping system. To implement this new requirement, MDH has contracted with Onpoint Health Data (formerly known as the Maine Health Information Center) to design and implement the Minnesota Health Care Claims Reporting System (MHCCRS).

Onpoint Health Data brings to Minnesota the experience of securely collecting de-identified encounter data in four states, as well as a collaborative spirit of working with numerous data submitters to meet their individual needs.   

MHCCRS is created through Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4653.

Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4653, Permanent Rules Relating to Minnesota Health Care Claims Reporting System, was approved by the Office of Administrative Hearings on June 17, 2009, and published in the July 6, 2009 edition of the State Register.

A copy of the adopted rule, along with a final version of its technical appendices, is available at Encounter Data Collection - Adopted Rule.


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