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Essential Benefit Set

As required by Minnesota Statutes Section 62U.08, The Commissioner of Health has convened a work group to make recommendations on the design of a health benefit set that provides coverage for a broad range of services and technologies, is based on scientific evidence that the services and technologies are clinically effective and cost-effective, and provides lower enrollee cost sharing for services and technologies that have been determined to be cost-effective. The primary purpose of this essential benefit set is to encourage greater use of effective health care services and less use of ineffective or low-value services.

The membership of the Essential Benefit Set Work Group included representatives of health care providers, health plans, state agencies, employers and consumers, providing a mixture of expertise in such areas as standards for evidence-based care, benefit design and development, actuarial analysis, and analysis of the cost impact of coverage of specified benefits. The work group was facilitated by Cirdan Health Systems and the Minnesota Center for Healthcare Ethics.

Work Group Report

Essential Benefit Set Work Group: Recommendations Report and Cover Letter (PDF: 528KB/69 pages)


Essential Benefit Set Work Group membership list (PDF: 81KB/1 page)


Essential Benefit Set Work Group workplan (PDF: 78KB/3 pages)

Essential Benefit Set Work Group background paper (PDF: 238KB/47 pages)

Essential Benefit Set Work Group charge (PDF: 29KB/2 pages)

Essential Benefit Set Work Group additional resources (PDF: 112KB/5 pages)


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