Brochure Template for Providers

MDH is providing a brochure template about health care homes for providers to use with their patients. This brochure template is designed for clinics that are applying to become a certified health care home or that have already been certified as a health care home.

The brochure was created by the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation and the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians under contract with the Minnesota Department of Health. Content for the brochure was created with input from two health care homes work groups: the Resource and Education Committee and the Consumer/Family Council.

Usage Guidelines

  • Providers must have submitted a letter of intent in order to use the brochure.

  • The tri-fold brochure is available in Microsoft Word to allow clinics to customize it.

  • Clinics that are in the process of applying for certification should change the front page text to “[Clinic Name] is working to become a Minnesota certified health care home.”
  • Providers can use the brochure as-is and just substitute the [Clinic Name] on the front cover and [Clinic Contact Information] on the back page.

  • If providers would like to change the language in the body of the brochure, they can do that, but they should then remove the line “Information in this brochure provided by the Minnesota Department of Health” on the back page above the HCH logo.

Brochure Template and Printing Instructions

Updated Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 04:10PM