Certification - Letter of Intent

The letter of intent is the applicant's formal notification of intent to apply for certification as a health care home. Submission of the letter of intent is required to receive access to the online application.

Submit your Letter of Intent as soon as your organization intends to seek certification. This will allow our team of planners and regional HCH nurse consultants to assist you as needed and provide resources and guidance as you proceed with the certification process.

Please download the printable assessment tool for use internally in your clinic to determine if your clinicians are currently implementing all of the standards and criteria in the rule relating to health care homes. Please note that you should not submit this assessment at this time -- it is simply a tool to help you determine the readiness of your clinician(s)/clinic(s) for certification. Later in the application process you will be prompted to fill in the same assessment tool online. Below are two versions of the printable assessment tool:

Eligibility criteria and adopted expedited rule chapter 4764:
Health Care Homes - Adopted Rule

Completing the letter of intent

  • Request access to letter of intent

  • MDH will respond to the request via e-mail within two business days and provide applicants a username and password for the online system.

  • Log in to the system

  • Fill in letter of intent and submit online

  • MDH will respond to letter of intent within one to two weeks in order to provide instructions for application

Brochure template for clinics

MDH is providing a brochure template about health care homes for providers to use with their patients. This brochure is intended for use by clinics that are either applying to become a certified health care home or have already become certified as a health care home. Once providers have submitted their letter of intent, they can use the brochure. More information on the brochure template.

Additional resources

For additional resources and information about health care homes, please see Health Care Homes - Resources.

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