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Recertification Step 4 Update Assessments

Complete/update the EVEN-numbered subparts and attach supporting verification documents as appropriate.

See requirements by year on the Recertification Guides & Tools webpage.

Follow these steps to complete your EVEN- numbered subparts:
  1. Sign into the Portal.
  2. From the "Certification Options" dropdown, choose "ReCertify" and then click "Apply for Re-certification".
  3. In the next screen, click the "Apply for re-certification" link in the "Action" column.
  4. Under "Step 4 Enter Recertification Assessment "
  5. Click on the "Recertify" link in the "Action" column.

You may download the updated Assessment Tool (PDF) for planning purposes and to assure the full implementation of the MDH HCH standards by the care teams and providers. The updated tool provides easier to understand language and formatting while the requirements and standards remain the same. Clinics may choose to print this on legal-size paper to allow room for notes.

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