Certification - Variances and Appeals

For the complete procedure on both requesting a variance and appeals, see the adopted rule for the standards of certification for health care homes.


The commissioner may grant a variance from the requirements to a petitioner that demonstrates good cause.

Variance Guidelines (PDF: 23KB/1 page)

Submission of a Variance: Applicant Pathway (PDF 708 KB/ 19 Pages)

Applicant Variance Status Definitions (PDF 96 KB/ 1 Page)

To apply for a variance:

  • In the event you would like to request a variance, please sign into the HCH portal, go to Certification Options, Variances, request rule and proceed with next screen where you can submit a variance and add an attachment if necessary.

  • MDH notification for variance request will follow same timeline for application notification or appeal notification


The commissioner will notify a health care home in writing of the reasons for denial of an application for certification or recertification. The health care home has 30 days from the date of receiving denial notice to appeal the decision.

To appeal the decision:

  • Fill out and submit online appeal form

  • MDH will respond within 60 days after receipt of a completed appeal or appeal meeting to grant or deny the appeal
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