Primary Care & Community Integration: Innovative Approaches; What are integrated community teams?

Friday March 30, 3012 8:30-5:00

Meeting Agenda (PDF: 2 pages/144 KB)

  • Learn about innovative approaches to primary care / community integration from National and State leaders.
  • Lisa Dulsky Watkins Blueprint for Health, State of Vermont,
  • Anthony Rodgers- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services,Center for Strategic Planning and State Innovation Initiatives
  • State of Minnesota SHIP and HCH Community Care Teams

Learning objectives of the workshop:

  • Understand primary care / community integration, the essential elements, the need, partnership, governance, payment and operations.
  • Identify how Integrated Teams and Health Care Homes work together.
  • Develop a beginning perspective to implementation planning already occurring through Minnesota's Community Care Team grantees.
  • Understand the key elements to development of effective referral networks from Minnesota's SHIP grantees and how these support prevention.
  • Consider the State's role in implementation and support of integrated teams.
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